ATVs are fun vehicles for outdoorsy and adventurous people. These vehicles are made for speed and adventure in valley brush, hills, and even muddy puddles. However, they can be an expensive investment if you buy them brand-new, which is one of the reasons people purchase used ATVs.

Luckily, many different places sell used ATVs. 8 of them are listed below.

1. KSL Classified

KSL Classified is a website that allows people to sell their large items and vehicles. When you first look at their page, it might be easy to assume that it is only a news outlet. However, on the right-hand side, they have a marketplace available. ATVs are categorized as recreational vehicles on this website.

You can filter the results to show vehicles within your price range, within a certain number of miles from where you live, by the type of condition it is in, by specific makes and models, by how long the vehicle has been posted on the website, and much more.

KSL Classified allows you to post an ad asking for an ATV within your price range. People can put information in their ads specifying that they are renting out a vehicle, that they are willing to trade a service for a four-wheeler, and even offer repairs.

The best part of using KSL Classigied is that the ATVs on the marketplace are relatively cheap and the sellers are fairly honest. Most ATVs on this marketplace cost between $50 and $7,000. Rarely will an ATV cost over $10,000 when sold on this marketplace unless it is in really good condition, is brand new, or multiple vehicles are being sold at once.

People leave lengthy descriptions of the product being sold on this marketplace. None of the products I saw were in perfect condition, and many seemed to have a dead battery or additional mechanical issue. This allows you to determine whether or not you want to purchase the used ATV being advertised and if the vehicle is worth the cost. You can contact sellers on this platform, which allows you to negotiate the cost of an ATV you are interested in if you think the price is too high.

2. ATV Trader

ATV Trader is an online platform that you can use to purchase a used ATV. However, unlike KSL Classified, ATV trader finds and promotes certain vehicles. They go through all of the potential used ATVs and make sure that they are in good condition before advertising them. ATVs will be recommended to you according to the specifications you input like location, cost, year, and other vehicle specifications. When you find one you like, you can contact the seller or make an offer.

ATV Trader is a very safe platform to use because it advertises used ATVs that are being sold by stores, which means ATV Trader or the associated store are held responsible for any products they advertise and sell. This means that it will be very hard for you to get scammed. You can also discuss return policies with the store that you buy your used ATV from before you finalize the purchase.

However, the cost of the used ATVs sold on this platform is higher than on other public markets. They sell ATVs for between $9,000 and $30,000.

3. ATVSoup.Com

ATVSoup is a nice middle ground between ATVTrader and KSL Classified. It has the security and stability of a website like ATV Trader while maintaining some of the cheaper prices that KSL Classified has. They offer both new and used vehicles.

The website acts as a middleman for companies and consumers. Companies or dealers will reach out to ATVSoup and create an ad. Normal people can also apply to become a dealer. Once the ad is accepted, ATVSoup puts up the ad and directs clients to different businesses and sellers. This business model helps you find reliable vehicles for a much cheaper price.

Like other online businesses, they offer advanced search options to help you find the vehicle you need.

One of the nicest things about ATVSoup is that the products on this website are streamlined. You can easily identify the make, model, year, and mileage, the type of ATV, the color, the engine type, and how far away it is from your zip code. There is also an image attached to the ad so you can see what the ATV looks like. They also link dealers’ websites and/or phone numbers so you can see more specific information about the dealer and potentially contact them.

4. Autotrader

Autotrader is a respected business for selling and buying any kind of vehicle. You can find ATVs under motorcycles. This is one of the few online options that I have seen that has a filter for used vehicles. The others have price and age as options, but Autotrader is more streamlined.

The ads are not as clean as ATVSoup but are more concise than others. They mark which vehicles are on sale and the specific details of the dealer store and location. They are also forward with prices, so you don’t need to call dealers and go a roundabout way to find the price. They do have some kind of promotion system in place on the website, so you need to be careful that you are looking at locations that are reasonable distances from where you live. They have featured sellers as well, so you might find vehicles that are only a little over $1,000.

5. iMotorsports

iMotorsports helps you find a store near you with good deals on used ATVs. There are a few things that make iMotorsports different than other online ATV sellers. One of the main differences? There is an option bar at the bottom of the ad. The “options” bar has three options: get a quote, value your trade and finance. These options allow you to look at your specific financial circumstances and see if there is an option that will make the vehicle more affordable. If you have a vehicle you would like to trade in, this website lets you look into the logistics of the process.

iMotorsports ads have large discrepancies in what the ads contain. Some are extremely thorough, even offering the mileage and videos of the vehicle. Others have very little information, so if you are interested in purchasing the advertised ATV, you will have to contact the seller.

6. ATV Classifieds

This website is interesting since it does not directly sell ATVs to customers. ATV Classifieds instead is a convenient online marketplace built for sellers and buyers to meet and talk with each other! ATV Classifieds is a great tool to use to narrow down a search for an ATV within a customer’s home state so they can right to the nearby, best options that they need.

7. eBay Motors

Another great resource for people to use when buying a used ATV is eBay Motors. Although this website does not have too many local ATVs ready for pickup, it does have plenty of specific, customized ATVs to peruse.

8. Local ATV Club

Local ATV clubs can serve as a very helpful option for people to get a used ATV from experts and ATV users who have experience in ATVs. Club members can provide newbies with tips and tricks as they use ATVs, possibly for the first time. Members of local ATV clubs can help people find affordable, local sales and they can give an accurate appraisement of the value of a given ATV.

9. Local Classifieds

Next, try looking through the nifty local classifieds in the newspaper or online for some used ATVs! Many states and cities have different kinds of local classifieds online that customers can look through. Most of the time, local classified listings will share a lot of similarities and characteristics with Craigslist. Plenty of great deals can be found on local classified listings since they do not have as much customer traffic as other shopping resources for ATVs.

10. Your Local Motor Vehicle Store

If you are against looking online for recommendations or to make a purchase, it would be best to go to your local motor vehicle store. Most local motor vehicle stores will offer used and new ATVs of varying prices and values. When you go in person, you get to see the vehicle and examine it yourself. You get to decide how well the vehicle has been maintained if it is the style and size you are looking for, and if there are accessories or other things you should consider.

You also don’t have to worry about whether or not the purchase is legal. They will have the title and the additional paperwork you need to have proof of purchase and get the vehicle insured.

This option is the safest route because you will be able to see the vehicle and interact with the dealer before purchase. You will not have to worry about being scammed through photo editing or blatant falsification of records. You also will be able to talk to the dealer and understand the ins and outs of any contracts you sign when you purchase. Hopefully, even with online databases, you will be able to have part of the purchasing process in person and get these additional benefits.

The main downside of purchasing an ATV locally and in person is that it will ultimately take much more time than if you purchase an ATV online. You will take time to get to the store, look around the store, discuss options with the salespeople, and may or may not get a vehicle. If you have to do this several times, you could end up wasting a lot of time and money on gas. On top of that, there are additional incentives to buy and you might experience some pressure from the salespeople to purchase while you are there.

The other downside is that the available models will be limited. You won’t have over 100,000 options at a local store. You might only see 20-30 vehicles on site. It could be challenging to find a vehicle if you have a specific one you are looking for.

11. ATV Dealers

Another useful website that can lead to a newly purchased, used ATV, is the website ATV Dealers. There are dozens, if not hundreds of high-quality ATVs to find here. Customers can input a particular ATV that they are looking for into the search bar of ATV Dealers to search their entire database for new and used ATV dealerships across the United States. ATV Dealers could easily lead interested people to the ATV of their dreams!

11. Craigslist, E-bay, or Facebook Marketplace

Craigslist, E-bay, and Facebook Marketplace are similar to KSL Classified. However, they are known for being less reliable. Anyone can post an ad and say they are selling an item. The best way to avoid getting scammed or buying a bad product is to talk to the seller.

Try to see the ATV in person and look at the paperwork so you know the person you are purchasing the ATV from legally owns it. You should never pay for the item up-front. People can take your money and vanish without giving you the vehicle. It is best to be wise and do things in public spaces as well for personal safety.

12. A Friendly Neighbor or Family Friend

This is possibly the safest option for buying used ATVs. You know what kind of person they are, how well they maintain their property, and quite simply they are more likely to be honest about the ATV and why they are selling it. They might even give it to you for way cheaper than what you would find on the market. It is the fastest method for purchasing, as it is unlikely that you will have to drive long distances and might find a great deal just by having a short conversation rather than hours of research. It is still important to make smart and wise decisions, even when interacting with friends.

These eight ideas are just a few great options in an ever-expanding market of used all-terrain vehicles. All-terrain vehicles are tons of fun for individuals and families wanting to enjoy the outdoors. Good luck finding the ATV that best suits your needs!

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