When people are investing in a new or used ATV, they want to buy the best ATV available in their price range. The company that makes an ATV can affect the overall quality of the vehicle. So, what brand makes the best ATVs?

The highest-rated ATV brands are Yamaha, Polaris, Honda, Can-Am, Suzuki, and Kawasaki. These brands are considered the best by customers because they offer vehicles with impressive handling, engineering, and comfort for riders. However, Yamaha is considered the best brand overall.

Listed below are some of the brands that make the best ATVs and why they are considered the best.

1. Yamaha Motor Company

Yamaha is one of the most popular ATV brands available. Yamaha is praised by many ATV users for offering many types of ATVs. Yamaha is known worldwide. It was founded in Japan in 1887 and first entered the three-wheeler business in 1980.

Later, they made more advanced ATV models with useful features. The Yamaha Big Bear 400 is the first ATV made with a completely camouflaged body. The 2023 Grizzly EPS is praised as one of the best Yamaha ATVs on the market. Yamaha ATVs usually cost around $2,100 to $14,000.

Yamaha ATVs are often used when people compete in competitions such as the GNCC Racing Championship. Many people who use Yamaha ATVs win the races they are in, which is one of the reasons why Yamaha is considered to be one of the best ATV brands.

The YFZ 450R is an ATV model that is often used by professional and serious racers. This ATV has a lightweight aluminum and steel chassis and a high-tech, five-valve, quick-revving 449cc engine. The bottom frame of the YFZ 450R ATV allows the engine to sit low while the suspension components reduce the vehicle’s weight. This improves the mass centralization and comfort of the rider. The YFZ 450R model has been ranked as one of the top 10 best racing ATVs of all time. The Yamaha Raptor 700R ATV is also a fantastic choice, as it often does well when being driven in dirt and dune environments.

2. Polaris Industries

MOAB, UT, USA – MAY 7, 2017: Polaris RZR ATV on a popular Chicken Corner 4WD trail in the Moab area.

Polaris ATVs are often considered equal to Yamaha and Kawasaki ATVs. Polaris ATVs are made by an America-based company that was founded in 1954 in Minnesota. These ATVs are popular with users throughout the United States who want all-terrain vehicles, electric ATVs, and snowmobiles.

Some of the most popular Polaris ATVs are the Scrambler ATV and the Trail Boss, which are some of the very first ATVs created by Polaris. Polaris ATVs are well-known because they are made for government, defense, U.S. military, and recreational use.

Polaris ATVs have terrific durability and performance. They typically cost between $2,300 to $26,600. The 2021 Polaris Sportsman 850 model in particular has earned many positive reviews for impressive performance.

Polaris has been a global leader in ATV sales for a long time, and this is partially because of the variety of ATVs the company offers. Polaris and Arctic Cat are both run by Textron Specialized Vehicles Inc, and both brands have become increasingly popular over the past few decades.

3. Honda

Honda is another extremely famous and trusted Japanese brand. While this company is well-known for making reliable cars, it is also well-known for making ATVs that are fuel-efficient, safe, and comfortable for all riders.

Most Honda ATVs cost between $3,200 and $12,900. The 2021 Honda TRX520 Rubicon DCT Deluxe ATV is the most expensive Honda ATV currently on the market. Many people consider the Sport and Utility ATVs sold by Honda to be the best ATVs on the market, and even used Honda ATVs are generally considered great purchases.

4. Can-Am

Can-Am is sometimes called Bombardier and is considered to be one of the best brands to buy ATVs from. Can-Am is a Canadian-based company that was founded in 1971. They officially entered the ATV market in 2007. Many people buy Can-Am ATVs when they want to purchase a vehicle that they can use while hunting.

The Can-Am Outlander 650 Mossy Oaks Edition is considered to be one of the best Can-Am ATVs on the market. Most Can-Am ATVs cost anywhere from $6,300 to $15,000.

5. Suzuki

Suzuki ATVs are a top choice in the United States and Canada because they sell top-grade children’s ATVs, sports ATVs, and utility ATVs. The Suzuki company is also a Japanese-based business that makes motorcycles, minibusses, cars, off-road vehicles, trucks, and ATVs. A huge advantage of Suzuki ATVs is that they can serve as dual-purpose vehicles. This means that Suzuki ATVs can be used for both sport and utility purposes.

Suzuki happens to be the inventor of the 4-wheel ATV, and they have a few different base packages to choose from. There are two youth vehicles currently offered: the QuadSport Z90 and the QuadSport Z50. Both come with built-in safety features.

The utility Sport 400 is their cheapest standard base model, with the cheapest ATV, the KingQuad 400FSi, featuring a five-speed manual transmission and semi-automatic clutch. The Utility Sport 500 line sits in the middle between their cheapest and most expensive base models and features automatic transmissions and differential-lock 4WD.

The utility sport 750 line is the most expensive and most advanced line offered by Suzuki. It has a 722cc single-cylinder liquid-cooled engine that provides an impressive amount of torque. It also has an automatic transmission and a torque-sensing limited-slip front differential that can help you get out of even the muddiest ruts.

6. Kawasaki

The Kawasaki company is the next brand that comes highly rated in terms of impressive ATVs. Kawasaki sells a wide range of fantastic Powersports vehicles like Side x Sides, motorcycles, ATVs, and others. This is yet another Japanese-based company that was founded in 1981. It is well-known for making high-speed and high-performing ATVs.

Kawasaki ATVs typically cost between $2,000 and $12,700. They carry many ATV models to better satisfy the needs and requirements of all customers. However, they don’t sell as many different types of ATVs as some of the companies listed here.

7. Arctic Cat

Arctic Cat is a company based in the United States. It sells impressive all-terrain vehicles and snowmobiles. Arctic Cat ATVs are ideal for driving through difficult and rough terrain since this brand is the best at creating high-performing engines.

These ATVs are extremely reliable and were first put on the market in 1996. The Alterra TRV 700 model is one of the most popular ATV models from Arctic Cat. Most Arctic Cat ATVs can be bought for $6,500 to $22,000, with average prices rising as ATV accessories are added.

Arctic Cat ATVs are often built with perfect performance and high quality in mind. Arctic Cat has an extensive ATV product line to choose from!

8. CFMoto

CFMoto was founded in 1989 in China. They engineer all-terrain ATVs, motorcycles, and Powersports vehicles. Although CFMoto ATVs are more often bought and used in China, they are still used as reliable and high-performing vehicles in the United States. CFMoto distributes Side x Side ATVs (SxS), Sport Side x Side ATVs, and Utility Side x Side ATVs.

9. Argo

This off-roading vehicle manufacturing company is famous for making environmentally-friendly decisions. Argo creates a wide range of amphibious ATVs that are specifically designed to take on rough-off-road situations. Customers who prioritize hobbies like fishing, cross-country travel, and hunting will find ATVs that are perfect for their needs through the Argo brand.

Argo ATVs are often outfitted with 8-webbed tires that have low ground pressure. This means their ATVs can gently move over fields and grass without harming the flora or fauna. These ATVs are also spectacular because they are built to be fully sealed so that they are impervious to toxic chemicals and environmental hazards.


KYMCO is a Taiwan-based company that was started in 1963. The brand name stands for Kwang Yang Motor Company and they began engineering and selling ATVs in 2002. Interestingly, KYMCO used to make parts for Honda before they split from the company in the early 1960s. Customers searching for more affordably priced ATVs will likely be able to find them at KYMCO. Their ATVs are reliable and sold to a global market, and KYMCO offers a great dealer network to help out its customers.

Their ATVs cost between $3,900 to $8,500, which means that the ATVs made by this company are much cheaper than most similarly-sized ATVs made by other brands. The 2021 MAXXER 450i is one of the most popular ATVs sold by KYMCO. If customers are looking for other vehicles from KYMCO, the company also sells motorcycles and motor scooters in addition to ATVs.


This company, which was originally based in Ukraine, has headquarters all over the world, including Russia, Canada, and Ukraine. SHERP ATVs come in amphibious and off-road vehicle models. Their ATVs are larger than the average ATV and are optimal for heavy-duty work.

These ATVs be driven through snow, ice, sand, swamp, and other diverse terrains. Many oil workers, geologists, and hunters use SHERP ATVs for their tough off-roading needs. SHERP ATVs are sold for prices starting at $100,000, but they can cost as much as $375,000 depending on the ATV model.

The SHERP Ark model ATV is the most expensive ATV that they sell. It is also one of their biggest models. Customers praise SHERP ATVs for being drivable in essentially any situation, their low consumption of fuel, unique parameters, and the comfortable, smooth ride that they offer. More SHERP customer reviews can be found online if you want to learn more about SHERP ATVs from firsthand rider feedback.

12. Linhai

This is a Chinese manufacturer that was founded in 1956. It makes mopeds, engines, motorcycles, UTVs, and ATVs. Linhai does business in China under the larger Yamaha brand and is also known as LYM in some parts of the world.

Customers of the Linhai company walk away impressed by their ATVs because their vehicles often come at reasonable prices. However, in recent years they have produced some more expensive models that seem to be made to compete at a higher price point.

However, one potential drawback is that the clutch of Linhai ATVs is sometimes prone to breaking down. Linhai ATVs are otherwise pretty reliable, if not a little bare-bones, but newer models are often sold with high-tech features or have them added later. Linhai became known as one of the most famous global ATV manufacturers in 2020.

Linhai currently offers three different models of ATVs. These are the LH300ATV, the LH400ATV, and the M550L. The LH300 has a 257 cc LH173MN engine with 22 horsepower and 6500 RPM, while the L400 has a 352 CC LH180MQ engine with 26 horsepower. The M550 L has a 493 cc LH188MR engine with just under 33 horsepower, making it easily the most powerful out of the 3.

They are generally considered to be utility ATVs, as they don’t have as much horsepower as some of the more sport-oriented ATV models that companies like Honda make. Some Linhai ATV models go for under $5,000 new or barely used, which is a big selling point.

13. TaoTao/Tao Motor

TaoTao, occasionally called Tao Motor, is a Chinese-based vehicle manufacturing company that was founded in 1985. They distribute multiple models of affordable and comfortable ATVs.

The Rhino 250 Utility ATV is one of TaoTao’s best-selling ATV models. This company usually engineers adult-sized ATV quads that are quite cheap, as they typically cost between $1,700 and $5,500. Worldwide TaoTao dealers and E-commerce websites are the top sellers and distributors for these ATVs, and some customers claim that this is the best China-based ATV brand to buy from.

14. Apollo

This Chinese ATV brand is popular for its Apollo 125cc ATV model. This particular brand of ATV is highly rated due to its high quality and affordability. Their ATVs are made under the Zhejiang Apollo Motorcycle Manufacturer Co., Ltd. Even though Apollo doesn’t have a wide variety of ATVs to choose from, customers may still be able to find their ideal ATVs here. Apollo carries more youth ATVs than many other companies.

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