Batteries have a tendency to die at the most inconvenient times, and batteries in ATVs are no different. So when your ATV battery dies, and you’re out in the middle of nowhere, what do you do?

To start an ATV with a dead battery, make sure the machine is in neutral. Next, turn the switch on and pull the lever up to start the engine on the right-hand side. The lever pulls easier when the compression is turned off. One can also jump-start the ATV.

Here are the details on how to start up an ATV with a dead battery.

Is It Bad to Drive an ATV With a Dead Battery?

It is easy to wonder if regularly driving an ATV with a dead battery is a good idea. Since all of the mechanical aspects of the ATV are working, it may seem like it would be normal to do.

Driving an ATV with a dead battery is potentially hazardous to your vehicle. Even though it is possible to start an ATV with a dead battery due to its mechanical components, the battery needs to be replaced or recharged as soon as possible to prevent any further damage to your vehicle.

Some people think that not replacing a dead battery is fine, since the ATV can run without this power. If the slot is empty where the battery has been taken out, you are creating a gap in the circuit which was meant to be closed in the first place.

Leaving a gap in the circuit can lead to an electrical output with nowhere to go. Since the gap circuit is intended to have a battery, it can ruin all the rest of the electrical components within the circuit.

Doing this will not only lead to long term damage of your vehicle, but it can also the increase your chances of injury due to an electrical issue inside the vehicle. It is also important to consider the costs of replacing a battery. It is cheaper to replace the battery right away than waiting until the inside components of the vehicle are fried.

There are a variety of different options when it comes to restarting your ATV’s battery when it dies. Testing it can make sure the battery is what’s causing the ATV to not start up. If it isn’t the battery, you have a different issue.

How to Start an ATV With a Dead Battery

Since you may not want to drive an ATV with a dead battery for long, you may need to start it up to drive it to your nearest shop or get home. You will be able to replace the battery once the ATV can start.

In the case of starting an ATV with a dead battery, there are a few options you can choose. These options include jumping the battery cables connected to the ATV, jump starting the battery with jumper cables connected to a car’s engine that is turned off, or bump starting the vehicle using a battery charger.

First, you want to make sure your battery is what’s causing your ATV to not start. An ATV battery will lose charge over time if it has been sitting for a while. If your ATV is sitting for at least three months, chances are it needs to be hooked up to a charger.

If you attempt to push the button to start and nothing happens, the battery may be dead. Make sure the run switch is turned on and the machine is in neutral. If you have a key, this key will need to be in run position as well.

After this, try turning on your headlights, if your ATV has them. The battery may have enough energy to run the lights but not to turn on the engine. If the headlights or any other lights on the ATV fail to work, your battery is almost certainly dead.

Jump Starting Your ATV

If you choose to jump start your ATV jumper cables, you are able to choose between connecting it to another ATV’s battery or to another car battery (as long as the car’s engine has been turned off). If you choose to connect an ATV battery, you should not have any issues during this process.

However, if you are attempting to jump your dead battery by connecting to a car’s battery with jumper cables, it is important to make sure the car has been turned off. The car’s alternator will have higher power than the ATV’s battery power can handle. You can fry the ATV’s battery and electrical system if you turn the car on with the jumper cables attached.

Leaving the engine off gives the car enough power to supply the dead ATV so it can jumpstart. In this case, you will follow similar steps to jump starting the car with another car’s battery.

Bump Starting Your ATV

Another way to start an ATV is bump starting the ATV using a “bump” or compression start method. In this case you are relying on the engine to start while the ATV is in motion with the engine firing, and the stator resuming its hold on this charge.

To bump start your ATV, you first need to push the ATV to get the tires to run the engine and fire the spark plugs appropriately. If you attempt to do this, the ATV has to be at least at a speed of three miles per hour and five miles per hour. You will need to be able to start driving the ATV immediately upon firing the ATV.

If you have a clutch, you can push the ATV into neutral and once you are at the desired speed, pop it into gear and the engine should turn over. You will likely be pushing the ATV from behind; therefore, you should not stop driving until you reach your destination.

How Long Does It Take to Charge a Dead ATV Battery?

It is essential to charge your dead battery to ensure a quality and enjoyable ride. ATV batteries take three to ten hours to charge depending on the ATV model, amount of power, and quality of the charger.

Charging a battery for a 200cc will be different than charging a larger model. A new ATV battery should last up to five years, and it needs to be charged regularly.

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