While most states have no laws that require you to have insurance to ride one, many trails and riding areas do require that you have insurance before you can take your dirt bike there. So how much does dirt bike insurance cost?

Minimum limits liability-only dirt bike insurance will only cost about $13 a month, however, in order to get full coverage the average price will jump to $66 a month. Dirt bike insurance is listed as motorcycle insurance and will provide both property and injury insurance.

While you now know the average of how much dirt bike insurance is going to cost you, there are still many factors that will affect the price. Continue reading and I will tell you everything that you need to know about dirt bike insurance, what affects the price, what coverage you receive, and how to make it cheaper.

How Much Does Dirt Bike Insurance Cost

Insurance is going to vary from provider to provider and is also going to be different for each person depending on a variety of factors I will talk about later. The average cost of full coverage dirt bike insurance is $66 a month. This is for a standard policy, but the total cost of dirt bike insurance can range from $6 a month up to $76 a month. The amount that you pay will also greatly affect how much coverage and benefits that you receive as well.

Types of Dirt Bike Insurance

While you can customize your dirt bike insurance to receive the coverage that you want, there are two coverage options that are the most common:

  • Minimum (Liability only) coverage
  • Full Coverage

The main difference between these two type of coverage is minimum liability coverage protects others from damage you might cause while full coverage also covers damage to your bike. While it might seem better to just get the minimum coverage insurance, this means that you are going to have to pay for the damages to your bike on your own. Also, the term “minimum coverage” is referring to the amount of liability coverage on the policy being the minimum amount required in your state.

Often these limits are only around $15k and $25K, so what happens if you cause an accident that costs more than that to fix? You will likely be sued for the remaining amount either by the other people involved in the accident or their insurance company. Often the cost of increasing your liability limits from the minimum required by law to $100K is only a few dollars a month so in my opinion its always a good idea to get more liability coverage.

The differences between the cost for the different types aren’t too extreme, as the average price for a minimum coverage plan is around $13 a month. While the average price for an enhanced plan is at $66 a month.

What Determines the Cost?

The type of plan that you choose is going to affect the cost of dirt bike insurance the most, but there are other factors that will all change the price a bit more, and these can end up either saving you a ton of money or can end up costing you a good bit more every month.

The Type of Dirt Bike You Own and Value

Both the type of dirt bike that you own and its value are going to affect how much you are going to be paying. The more expensive a dirt bike that you are getting insured, the more you will have to pay to insure it. And if your dirt bike is meant for racing, then you are also going to have to pay more as there is a higher chance of an incident on this type of dirt bike.

Riding Experience and Driving History

Your driving history will also determine how much you pay. If you have a large number of speeding tickets or have been in an accident then you will have to pay more for insurance. But this also can help you as you can take a driver’s safety course and this will show that you are a better driver and will help you save a bit more. Your driving history is the largest factor in affecting how much you will have to pay for your dirt bike insurance.

Your Age and Location

Your ZIP code is pulling double duty in how it affects your dirt bike insurance cost. The first reason is that your state may have specific laws regarding what kind of insurance you might need in order to go out riding your property. While most states don’t have laws regarding dirt bikes, there are still a few. Before going out on your dirt bikes, make sure to check to see what laws your state might have about dirt bikes and insurance.

Along with this, aspects such as the crime rate for both theft and vandalism can affect how much you have to pay in order to cover your dirt bike. These details tend to be determined by the region rather than the state.

If you are a younger driver or have younger drivers using your dirt bike, you will have to pay more for dirt bike insurance. This is because younger drivers are more likely to drive recklessly and do dangerous stunts.

How Often You Ride Your Dirtbike

How often you take your dirt bike out for a ride is going to make a slight difference. Insurance companies often offer a discount for the amount of time the dirt bike is kept in storage. We live in a climate with cold winters so most riders only use their bike 6-8 months out of the year. But if you ride year around because you live somewhere warm or if you convert your dirt bike to a snow bike for the winter you wont qualify for the discount.

The Type of Coverage You Want

As mentioned earlier, there are multiple different types of coverage that you can receive. If you want to pay less on your insurance you can get the minimum liability-only coverage, which will only cost you a couple of dollars per month, or you can get a lot more coverage and pay a bit more for the extra help.

Do You Need to Have Dirt Bike Insurance?

As mentioned earlier, the requirements for having dirt bike insurance vary from state to state, with some having no laws about it, while others, like New Jersey, require dirt bikes and ATVs to be insured if you plan on using them on roads. Having insurance is always recommended as you never know when you might need it, and it can help cover the worst of the damage if there ever is an accident.

Is a Dirt Bike the Same as a Motorcycle?

When you are getting insurance for your dirt bike, you will notice that most insurance providers don’t have specific coverage for dirt bikes, rather they fall under motorcycles. Dirt bikes have two wheels and an engine, which makes them motorcycles for the purposes of insurance and registration, and the only real difference is that dirt bikes are lightweight and built to go off-roading.

How To Save Money on Dirt Bike Insurance

Policy providers will often offer a variety of different ways to help make your dirt bike insurance cheaper. The methods to lower premiums typically are things that encourage good, safe habits for riding and storing the vehicle. Some of the most common methods to receive a lowered dirt bike insurance premium include:


One of the most common ways to lower the price of your dirt bike insurance is to own your home. Many providers, like Allstate, provide good size discounts on your motorcycle (dirt bike) insurance if you own your home.

Better Storage

In order to prevent any accidental damage that might have to make the insurance provider have to pay for repairs, having a safe, secure location to store your dirt bike will help lower your premiums. Locations like a secure garage or off-site storage facility will help you qualify for a discount on your insurance premium.

Anti-Theft Device

Finding ways to protect your dirt bike and lower the risk that it might get stolen or damaged will help you qualify for a discount on your dirt bike insurance, such as getting an anti-theft device. Ask your provider if they have any preferred anti-theft device in order to give yourself the highest possible chance of receiving a discount on your premium.

Membership in Certain Organizations

Being a part of clubs like USAA or a local motorcycle club will also help lower your dirt bike insurance premiums. This is because if you want to be a part of these clubs you have to follow a code of conduct which often include a variety of different rule on how to handle your vehicle. This helps make you a safer driver and will provide you with a lower premium.

Multiple Vehicles/ Policies

A simple option is that you can always bundle together your dirt bike insurance with your home or auto insurance. Nearly every insurance provider allows for you to bundle different insurances together in order to save a bit. Since most dirt bike insurance is just motorcycle insurance this process is fairly simple and easy to do.


One of the last things that you can do in order to get a small discount on your dirt bike insurance is to set up autopay. This will mean that you pay as early as possible and can save you a small amount. And sometimes having it set up to pay a full year’s worth at a time can save you as well.

Good Driver

Being a good driver is the easiest way that you can help lower the cost of your dirt bike insurance premiums. The quickest way to do this is to take a variety of different safe driver courses. This will show that you are going to be a better driver. After that, you are going to want to avoid getting in any sort of accident or even getting any speeding tickets. These will show you aren’t a safe driver and will raise the cost of your dirt bike insurance.

What Dirt Bike Insurance Covers

Typically, insurance providers will cover dirt bikes under the same policy as a motorcycle, and this also means that you are going to get the same coverage as a motorcycle. When looking for an insurance provider, you should ask if you are going to be receiving motorcycle-type coverage or if they have a dedicated coverage plan for dirt bikes.

Bodily Injury (required)

This coverage is for if you end up injuring someone else who is not the driver or a passenger on your dirt bike. This is one of the protection you will have covered even if you are on the low liability-only insurance plan.

Typically the amount of coverage you get for bodily injury is determined by the person, and for most plans, there will also be a cap that they pay. In most cases, this will be listed out as a $50,000/ $100,000 policy. This simply means that the provider will pay up to $50,000 for a single person, but they are only going to pay up to $100,000 for the incident overall.

Property Damage (required)

This is very similar to the Bodily Injury coverage in the fact that it covers any property damage done to someone else’s property. And just like before, this is one of the few coverages you receive if you are using the liability-only plan. Property damage for this coverage is considered anything belonging to others whether that be another vehicle, a fence, or a very special bush you ran over.

Most insurance providers will limit this to just a single limit per incident, and so the amount of money that is listed is the amount they are willing to cover for a single incident, no matter how many people were involved or how much damage was done.

Medical Payments Coverage/Personal Injury Protection (optional in most states)

This isn’t often required by most states because this is medical coverage for yourself. This insurance will help pay for expenses such as surgeries, X-rays, hospital stays, and even transportation via ambulance. While it is optional in most states, you are going to want to check for your state’s law on if motorcyclists or dirt bike riders are required to have this coverage as well.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist (requirements vary)

This insurance coverage is to help cover any sort of damage that might happen to you or your dirt bike if you are to get hit by someone who doesn’t have their own insurance or doesn’t have enough insurance to cover all of the damages. In the ideal world, everyone will have insurance and be able to cover all of the damages, but that isn’t always the case and this coverage can offer you this additional protection.

Underinsured/ uninsured motorist coverage also has a claim limit. The limit is going to vary from provider to provider, but n most cases it is limited to just a single incident.

Collision (optional)

This is to coverage the repair costs on your dirt bike in case of a collision with another vehicle or if you hit something. Sometimes, in order to help keep their rates low, those with older or cheaper ATVs will choose to forgo this coverage and it is recommended that you take the value of your dirt bike in mind before getting collision coverage.

Comprehensive (optional)

This coverage is giving your dirt bike protection from everything except a collision. It covers the loss of the dirt bike due to theft, vandalism, flooding, earthquake, fire, and other causes. Just like collision, you should consider the value of your dirt bike before paying for this coverage, as your dirt bike might not even be worth paying for it to be covered.

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