When you purchase an ATV, you can purchase it new or used. Many people purchase new ATVs, but other people purchase used ATVs because they want to save money. However, how much do new and used ATVs cost?

New ATVs cost between $4,300 and $15,500 per vehicle. Used ATVs cost between $3,200 and $10,000 per vehicle. The cost of an ATV varies depending on the model of the ATV, how old it is, if it’s secondhand or new, and if it has any added special features.

Keep reading to learn more about how much used and new ATVs cost.

Average Prices of Used ATVs

Used ATVs, also called pre-owned ATVs, are almost always sold at lower prices than new ATVs. After an ATV has been driven and used, it immediately reduces in value. Additional wear and tear on the vehicle may or may not affect the functionality of the ATV, lowering the overall value of the vehicle.

When purchasing used ATVs, customers have more negotiating power than when they buy used ATVs. Some used lots and many private sellers are open to negotiating the cost of an ATV. Negotiators can also get higher-end vehicles that potentially have aftermarket upgrades for significantly cheaper than brand-new models.

While the prices of used ATVs range from $3,200 to $10,000, the average price is around $5,500. This price range includes all types of ATVs. Youth ATVs are typically the cheapest because they are smaller, have less power, and have fewer capabilities than full-size ATVs. You can find a used Youth ATV for well under the average prices listed above, but most people consider $1,500 to $3,000 to be a reasonable price. It is not safe for adults to ride Youth ATVs, so they are much less popular than other styles of ATVs.

Used sport ATVs cost an average of $4,000 to $5,000, though there is some variance depending on the year the vehicle was made and how much it has been used. Sport ATVs are on the cheaper side of the range because the engines are smaller than Utility ATV engines. Sport ATVs are great for racing and going on adventures, but they lack the power of Utility ATVs, which are made for hauling and heavy work.

Used Utility ATVs cost an average of $6,000 to $7,000. The larger, stronger frame and larger engine make it so this type of ATV costs more than sport models when new. This means they also cost more than sport models when used. Even so, it is much more affordable to buy a used Utility ATV than it is to buy a new one.

Side-by-side or SxS ATVs are the most expensive type of ATV because they are designed to carry multiple people and additional cargo. SxS ATVs fall above the normal ranges and can cost upwards of $15,000 when purchased used. Sport SxS ATVs are typically cheaper than utility SxS ATVs.

Drawbacks of Used ATVs

Used ATVs may have hidden mechanical problems or have aged out of their warranty. This means that if you buy a used ATV, there is no way to know for sure how well the vehicle will function, even if you take it for a test drive. However, large dealers are fairly reliable in reporting the quality of the ATVs they sell.

Roughly 4% of the average ATV dealer inventory is pre-owned, so it can be difficult to find a specific ATV if you want to purchase it used. If want to purchase a specific ATV used, you will likely have to search for a long time to find one in good condition.

Average Cost of New ATVs

People can anticipate paying anywhere between $3,000 to $15,000 for a brand-new ATV. Some can expect to pay up to $20,000 for a new side-by-side ATV. For example, the average price of a new ATV was about $7,000 in 2019.

Of course, the cost of a new ATV is highly dependent on the type of ATV. Similarly to used ATVs, youth ATVs are typically the cheapest, followed by sport ATVs and utility ATVs. Side-by-Side ATVs are typically the most expensive.

New youth ATVs from the 2022 line-up cost about $3,000, with more expensive models costing closer to $4,000.

New Sport ATVs typically cost between $5,000 and $17,000. If you add special features to the ATV, it will cost more, but the exact cost will vary depending on the number of features you add. For the 2022 line-up, $7,000 is the average price for a sport ATV that has some added features but is not completely decked out.

New 2022 Utility ATVs typically cost about $9,000. New Side-by-Side ATVs typically cost well above $10,000, with ATVs from the 2022 lineup costing an average of around $15,000.

What Do ATV Prices Depend On?

The cost of ATVs depends heavily on the type of vehicle, the size of the engine, the condition of the ATV, and the features added to the vehicle. Added features could include elements that have been added on to increase stability or comfort while riding like wheels, shock absorbers, or suspension systems.

These specifications alter the price of the vehicle whether it is new or used. Certain high-value features will always raise the listing price by a significant amount.

There are even other add-ons including electric lighting, GPS systems, paint jobs, and other special features that may not be necessary for the operation of an ATV but will increase the total price of the vehicle.

The larger the engine of an ATV, the more expensive the vehicle will likely be. Larger engines increase the towing capacity, power, and endurance of an ATV.

Tips and Tricks for Purchasing Used ATVs

While there is variance in pricing and many new ATVs may be decently affordable, it is often ideal to hunt down a used ATV to ensure you are getting the best deal. If you are on a budget, shopping for used ATVs can save you money without sacrificing much quality. However, proper research is crucial before buying a used ATV to make sure that the vehicle will last for a long time.

Be cautious when buying used vehicles, especially if you know of any mechanical problems, as these issues will likely cost a lot of money to repair. If the used ATV has too many issues, all the repairs may cause you to spend more than you would have paid for a new ATV. If you are not familiar with the mechanical workings of ATVs, you should only purchase used ATVs through a reputable dealer who can help you understand potential issues.

A lot of the same tips for buying a new car apply to buying a used ATV. For example, you should only buy from a verified ATV dealer, seek a current warranty, and do research beforehand about ATV brands, engine sizes, and styles. Without a warranty, an owner of an ATV will not be able to get their money back should the vehicle break down because of a manufacturer issue.

Make sure to avoid buying the very first ATV that suits your preferences, as it is better to look at all of the vehicles that are available before purchasing something. Shopping with a focus on details and offered incentives from different dealers will help you find the perfect ATV without spending a fortune!

It can be a great idea to join an ATV riding club so you can connect with others who know when and where good ATV deals are happening. Most ATV clubs are free to join. ATV enthusiasts may even be willing to sell an old ATV if they have one on hand, so try spreading the word and even advertising personal interest in buying a used ATV on ATV riding Facebook pages! ATV conventions happen around the world and can be a good place to find a wide variety of ATVs.

Where to Buy a Used ATV

Utilize both in-person and online resources when buying a used ATV. Websites like ATV.com and others have a Dealer Locator tool that identifies locations to shop at. Purchasing an ATV through a dealer is the safest and easiest process. However, it also typically costs slightly more than buying directly from an independent seller.

You can also purchase used ATVs on websites like Facebook Marketplace, eBay, and Craigslist. Websites like these typically have a wide inventory of ATVs, however, they can be unpredictable since a customer doesn’t know the sellers on the websites or apps at all. If you use one of these sites, ask sellers to send you pictures and general specifications of the ATV beforehand.

When using a selling site like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace, you will typically be buying directly from the previous owner. This does have some advantages. They will likely have very thorough and current information about the condition of the ATV and any issues it may have. These sellers may also be more open to negotiating the cost of the vehicle.

Test Riding ATVs and Finding Mechanics

Test driving an ATV before purchasing can prove as an invaluable experience, as it will reveal how easy or difficult it is to drive an individual ATV. It never really hurts to do a test drive of the ATV in the dealership parking lot to make sure it will be a good fit for you! ATVs can usually be test driven wherever you are considering purchasing them. Whether or not you take it out for a test drive, consider having a mechanic look at it just to be safe!

Keep in mind that many veteran ATV riders will replace parts as needed. Usually, the engine of an ATV is never completely replaced, but the axle, transmission, or other elements of the vehicle may be replaced. If these parts are not replaced correctly, it can cost a lot of money to repair the ATV, so double-check that all parts of the vehicle are installed correctly.

ATV dealerships will often have their mechanics on hand to check ATVs and ensure any existing issues can be remedied before the ATV is put on the floor for sale or sold to customers. If you are purchasing directly from the previous owner, you may have to pay for an inspection. You can also ask the seller to provide evidence of an inspection.

Feel free to ask the seller lots of questions so you can learn as much as possible about the ATV you are considering purchasing. A seller that can provide plenty of information about the history of the vehicle is typically someone you can trust. If you are unsure or a new rider, ask a friend who is an ATV expert or big-time enthusiast to come along with you and give a second opinion.

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