Every time I plan to make a big purchase, like buying an ATV, I always want to make sure I’m getting the best deal I can. But you can waste a lot of time and effort looking for the best deal only to find that the savings weren’t worth the added hassle.

So let me make your life easier by sharing the best times of year to get a deal on an ATV.

The best time to get a good deal on an ATV is throughout the fall and right after the first of the year. The exact timing does vary though depending on if you want to buy a new or used ATV and depending on where you live.

Let me share what I know so you can find the best deal on an ATV for your situation.

The 3 Best Times to Get a Deal on a New ATV

There are actually 3 sort-of ideal times to buy a brand-new ATV.

The first opportunity for these deals comes up when each of the brands announces its new models for the next year. This starts as early as June and runs through about August.

I think they announce their new models in the summer like this because it’s their peak season, when people are actually riding, and they want to drum up excitement and get those pre-orders started.

As each manufacturer announces their new models, sales of the current year’s models will start to decline. As a result, you start to see some promotions at some of the dealerships. These aren’t going to be the biggest discounts of the year, but it’s an opportunity to watch out for if you’re in the middle of the summer and you don’t want to wait for the next year to get a new ATV to ride.

The second and biggest discount opportunity for new ATVs happens in the fall. That’s because of supply and demand—basic economics stuff.

In the fall, people who own ATVs stop riding for the season and, if they want their ATVs to last a long time, they’re getting them ready to store for the winter. Then, they have to store it somewhere.

People with property and sheds or big garages don’t usually have any trouble with this, but for a lot of people, this is a hassle and it can cost money. Most people I know who have ATVs and other powersport vehicles have to pay for storage. I count myself fortunate to not be in that boat.

I’m fortunate to be able to store 4-wheelers year-round so that’s just not an issue for me.

So in the fall, there are very few people are looking to buy an ATV (unless, like you, they know it’s the best time to get a deal) because they’re going to have to store it all winter and they don’t even get to use it for at least a few months.

A lot of dealers have big promotions around this time to try to get rid of their inventory, and even if there’s not an official sale going on it’s the best time to negotiate on price.

Even when there aren’t any official deals, the fall is still a great time to negotiate on price. You can find great deals even when there isn’t a sale going on.

Sometimes, you’ll see promotions continue through November as all the pre-holiday deals are happening, but in December the sales usually disappear as demand picks back up for holiday shoppers.

The third opportunity for discounts on new ATVs happens at the beginning of the new year.

As the spring approaches, dealers want to clear out as much inventory as possible to make room for those new models. Demand picks up heavily in the spring so they want to be ready.

I’ve seen some pretty great sales that run throughout the months of January and February on brand-new ATVs. A lot of them are marked down between 5% and 15% off.

When to Get the Best Deal on a Used ATV

There aren’t quite as many ideal times to buy a used ATV as there are for new ATVs. That’s because there isn’t the issue of clearing out inventory to make way for new models.

The best time to buy a used ATV is in the fall. When exactly depends on where you live. Here, in Idaho, a lot of ATV owners are done riding and ready to put their ATVs away shortly after the school year starts. So September and October are great months. The exception is those who hunt and will continue to use their ATVs until there’s too much snow on the ground to ride them.

I have family in Arizona where there really isn’t much of an off-season for off-roading. The closest thing to that is the school year when people tend to stay home more, so the best time to look will be right around when school starts.

So to figure out the best time to look for a used ATV, just think about when the weather starts to turn cold, or when the trails start to get covered in snow. I would start looking on Facebook Marketplace and other local buy/sell/trade websites about 2-4 weeks before that and just bookmark the ones that look like a good fit for you.

As you see the options start to grow—as people decide to sell rather than store their ATV for another off-season—you’ll also see the prices start to decrease. Don’t be in too much of a rush. Just watch as people slash their listing price. Once you’ve seen a listing up for a few weeks, the seller is going to be in a great place for you to negotiate with.

3 Great Ways to Save Money on an ATV No Matter When You Buy

You don’t always get to pick when you need to buy your ATV, right? So whether you’re buying in the Summer when demand peaks or you’re looking to buy in the ideal winter season, these additional opportunities could help you save even more.

1. You Can Get a Volume Discount on New ATVs

Last year, my brother really wanted a new ATV and had picked out exactly the model for him. But before paying the dealer’s full price, he asked about discounts. It turned out that they were willing to give him a discount if he bought 2.

He didn’t need 2 four-wheelers, but the savings made it worth sending a text to a few people. I didn’t bite at the time, I wasn’t looking for a new ATV right then, but my dad did and ended up with a great new ATV of his own that he uses all the time.

It was a great deal and saved them both about $500. And they didn’t even have to buy the same model. My dad got the bigger one with room for 2 riders while my brother went with the slightly smaller and narrower model.

Deals like this one can happen at any time, but they tend to happen most when the demand for ATVs is low. So the timing we talked about before often holds true. You’ll get these deals least often in the peak summer season when lots of people are buying. You’ll get the best volume discounts in the late fall through early winter. You also often see special promotions around the holidays.

2. A Lot of Dealers Offer a Great Military Discount

If you or a family member is serving or did serve in the military, bring them with you to buy your ATV. I asked a local dealership here in Boise, ID if they have a military discount and they told me they give veterans and active servicemen and women up to 10% off on new ATVs.

You should also look to see if any manufacturers also have a military discount. Sometimes you can get a discount at the dealership and a rebate from the manufacturer.

These discounts will definitely vary from dealer to dealer. Sometimes the manufacturer will even have a discount or a temporary promotion for military personnel. So if you’re in the market for an ATV and you’re talking to dealerships, don’t hesitate to ask about military discounts if that applies to you.

3. Private Party Purchase

The best way to get a great deal on an ATV is to buy it from an individual, not from a dealership.

Dealerships that sell used ATVs have to buy them for less than they’re really worth and then sell them for more than they’re really worth to be able to make a profit. So if you sell your ATV to a dealer, expect to earn less than if you sold it directly to a buyer. The flip side is also true. If you buy an ATV from a deal, expect to pay more than you would if you bought it directly from a previous owner.

The reason people like to buy used vehicles, like ATVs, from a dealer is that they’ve been inspected by a mechanic so they should be in good working order. Right?

Not always…

I’ve bought and sold lots of vehicles, including used motorcycles from individuals and from dealerships and I’ve learned that their inspection is often more of a gimmick than an actual inspection.


Inspecting a used ATV yourself isn’t that hard—especially in the days of the internet and YouTube. So save yourself easily hundreds of dollars by shopping for your used ATV on sites like Facebook Marketplace and other local buy/sell/trade websites in your city. Then, watch this video to learn how to thoroughly inspect the ATV before you buy it.

No matter what your situation, it’s always best to save some money when you can. So if you can be patient and buy your next ATV at the ideal time, do it and save! And no matter when you buy, make sure you get a good deal by asking about special discounts. That way you have more money for gear!

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